This page is dedicated to the wonderful teachers, parents, and other adults who are integral to our success.

James Cooney

James Cooney is an AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) teacher who has taught mathematics, computer science, and epistemology classes at Interlake High School. His presence alone allows the team to meet regularly, while acting primarily as a communication channel.

Tim Moore

Tim Moore is a volunteer and parent of a FIRST alumnus. He has a large amount of expertise in electrical circuitry, programming, designing and creating robots. Mr. Moore currently works at Microsoft as an architect in the Office Communications Tools group. In addition to being an arbitrator of robot engineering and build execution, Mr. Moore is also a crucial leader in programming.

Paul Woo

Paul Woo is a volunteer and parent of two FIRST alumni. He currently works as an independent telecom consultant. By bringing expertise in competitive robotics team structure from past experiences to the team, he offers helpful advice and assists the students in project management, logistics, and strategy. Mr. Woo’s experience with robotics and management skills have been hugely beneficial, setting a strong foundation for the team to continue to expand and build upon.

Rich Harman

Rich Harman is the parent of two team members. He is currently Saints Robotics’s coach, as well as an independent constructor of robots. He has a tremendous passion for innovative technology, which he passes on to team members, whether it be through introducing new technologies and materials, or sharing his personal resources with the team. He contributes largely to both the robot engineering and construction, contributing his own house as a venue to house the robot, and his electrical tools and expertise to build it.

Richard Stiers

Richard Stiers is a parent volunteer of two team members, as well as a current Boeing Aeronautical Engineer. Mr. Stiers contributes his work expertise towards both the engineering and construction of the robot. He brings awareness of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) application and STEM careers from his workplace into the area of robot construction.

Gary Saaris

Gary Saaris is a retired Boeing Aeronautical Engineer and a VIBES volunteer at Interlake High School. Not only is he a huge contributor to the design aspects of robot engineering, but he also plays a crucial role in robot construction throughout the build season and beyond. With his background in management, Mr. Saaris also contributes largely to the team organization and structure.